The Twisted Sisters: Texas’ Famous Trio

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2 years ago

Ride Map

The Twisted Sisters route – otherwise known as the three sisters – is undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle tours in Texas.

The challenging loop, which spans over 130 miles, takes you to the heart of Texas Hill Country. Ranch roads 335, 335, 337 make up the tour that riders from all over the country enjoy each year.

Giving you a totally different perspective on what the state has to offer, the route is filled with steep hills, uneven climbs and a total of 65 curves in just one 15-mile section.

You can ride alongside breezy rivers and traditional Texas-style ranches all while you tackle the mountain-like twists that the roads have to offer.

From the best pit stops along the way to the stunning scenery that you’ll come across, here’s all you need to know about The Twisted Sisters before you set off.

Route Summary

Starting in Medina, TX, your first encounter is with RR337 and you’ll then head west until you reach the town of Leakey. The route then takes you north on US 83 for a mile until you take a left onto RR336. Continue north until you meet Texas 41, which is when you want to take a left and head west for 15 miles before taking another left on RR335. Travel east on RR335 and keep riding south to Camp Wood where you then take a left back onto RR337 until you reach Leakey to round off the loop.

On The Road

RR337 is the longest road out of the three, full of twists and unexpected turns. You will pass by some incredible natural canyon land in one of Texas’ most scenic drives.

Leakey, your first stop, is a small town that populates around 400 people. The Frio Canyon Motorcycle Shop makes for your perfect first pit stop of the trip. As well as motorcycle essentials, you can buy Twisted Sisters merchandise and enjoy a delicious burger at the nearby Bent Rim Grill. You are advised to gas up in Leakey as it’s one of the only gas stations you will see along the way.

The nearby Frio River is your chance to take dip in clear, cold spring water through 100,000 acres of picturesque scenery. Once you’re back on the road, you’ll start heading down RR336 where the twisty roads take you right through the heart of Texas Hill Country. Watch out for the whitetail deer that are known for hanging around these areas.

This road becomes a lot flatter and straightens up again after 10 or so miles until you reach the Texas Route 41. Continuing on fairly straight roads, you finally meet the more wild sister, RR337. Expect big dips and a lot of ups and downs as you head towards Highway 55 and continue through Barksdale to Camp Wood.

Camp Wood is another small town, with about 800 people living there, and is another great pit stop to refuel, eat or find a motel. An absolute must-see is the stunning Nueces River. Take some time out to go swimming, kayaking or canoeing. Once you leave Camp Wood, you’re welcomed by some more challenging twisty roads before winding back up in Leakey.

Road Difficulty

The sisters is overall a very twisty route that passes over large hills and many sharp, unexpected turns. The roads, however, are seemingly good quality with the surfaces being in very good condition considering its a popular riding path. Be wary of loose gravel along the way, wildlife – from cows to deer – and locals who are walking back to their ranch.